Customer Testimonials and Comments


After trying to figure out how to replace zippers with velco on my own…and failing…I found Karen and the Coverup Shop. What a godsend!

  1. First and foremost…she knows what she is doing. Great quality. Colors matched. No one can tell the difference.
  2. Second…great price!
  3. Third…quick service, sent 5 pair of pants, got them right back altered. Liked them so I sent 3 more…and the same speedy response.

Coverup Shop is a blessing for vets, but I’m just an old guy whose fingers don’t work anymore. Thanks Karen for the great pants and the confidence that goes with them.

Dave Green
San Francisco



Almost everyone who has seen my jeans has been amazed at them. I went to the chiropractor today for the first time, and went to show him how my prosthetic leg attaches (he had never seen one) and he almost fell on the floor when I unzipped the pants seam. Too bad he doesn’t have any other veteran prosthetic patients he can send to you. I’ll send whoever I can!

John P – NH


Hi Karen its Terri. Wanted to send you a photo of Ty in his Page uniform for the Iowa House of Representatives. We r pretty proud of him and his accomplishments as a special needs person.

Your shirt closures have made it so easy for him to get ready.


Hi Karen,
I just have to tell you how wonderful your ostomy support belt is… And how wonderful you are!  You were helpful and kind on the phone, and your product arrived to me so swiftly which really mattered for me. Your attention to detail and dedication to quality is evident, and I thank you for your reasonable prices too!
The belt is soft on my skin and fits perfectly. The day it arrived, I put it in and went hiking!  So comfortable!  Hiking, swimming wearing my regular cute low cut jeans… All things I can do now with this great belt. Thank you so much!
Very sincerely,
L from California


Hi Karen,

The 3 shirts you did for my husband arrived today and they look wonderful!! I would never know it was anything but a regular shirt.

Thank you so much for the excellent workmanship and the fast service!



It is rare these days to find someone who cares and gets the job done with excellence and on time! I will highly recommend all our friends to use Karen’s Cover up shop services without hesitation.


Jack Krauss


Karen l am really enjoying the pants great quality and fine work person ship. I am paralyzed on my left side. This is the fist time in two years I feel partially released from my disability. Thank you for being here.

Please send me another pair of kakis and one light washed denim boot cut is great as I wear a foot brace.

Hopefully you retained my credit card information and the processing will be easier this time.  Thanks again.

Hal Ritvo

I have given your ifo to several people. Hope you get more business.


Karen, I have never written or participated in a review or testimonial before but with the experience I have encountered with COVER UP SHOP I really felt the need. I have recently purchased a posture back support brace now not only do I get my posture I need but it gives me the support and now I have less stress on my back . With a brief discussion with Karen the owner I now have a brace that will also protect me and help me defend myself in case of conflict ,I’m a licensed CCW person (concealed carry weapon) and I wear a shoulder holster and thought it would really be cool if Karen could find a way to attach the holster to my support brace and damn if she didn’t design and make one , I was completely astonished I now had a professionally designed back brace that also helped protect me . And I must mention the comfort of wearing something like this compared to others I have worn in the past. Thanks Karen, you are amazing and skillful and the play on words for your business Cover UP SHOP is really ironic.           Please post this somewhere that it can be seen by others and we will be dealing again soon




I am so pleased with your products and service I needed to tell you personally!

Your help, direction and fulfillment of my Velcro pants was great. I will be doing more conversions of existing clothing as well a purchasing new items. I am so happy you popped up in my search for specialized clothing!

You are the BEST!


Poppy a/k/a
Robert A. Popaditch

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for the wonderful shirts  – the velcro conversion is great – my dad, George,  is crazy about them!  The shirts look super, your service was speedy,  and you were a pleasure to work with.

With Great Appreciation,


Arizona / Minnesota

My dad is so glad we found your store on line. You really helped him to extend his independence. The Diner’s Vest looks like part of his outfit when we go out to dinner. The shirt and pants make it easy for him to dress himself and retain his privacy and dignity. Thank you very much.
Best regards,


Good morning Karen,

Hope all is well.  We received the clothes and they are perfect!!  My mum loves the skirt and the shirt.  Thank you for your wonderful service!!

Take care,



Hello there!

I saw that you have adapted these pants for people with limited mobility. I myself have a spinal cord injury (at a high enough level that I no longer have fine motor control), and I just want to say thank you, as a student of fashion both before and after my accident, the disabled are almost completely forgotten in this regard. In my humble opinion, what you are doing is absolutely great, and I appreciate what you are doing for our community deeply.

I’ve said it already, but it bears repeating: thank you.

Best wishes and my absolute best regards,


The blouses just arrived and are beautiful.  I tried all three of them on and they fit perfectly and a little loose, so they should be very comfortable after my surgery.  As you may recall, I will not have the use of one arm for a while and having Velcro closures will make all the difference.  I am waiting for my mom to see her blouse and I think she will want me to order more for her, too.   The work you did to make the bra open in the front with Velcro will also be a big help.  Really nice work and feel free to use any of my comments on your website if you want.  Thanks again.

Natasha N. von Rathjen


Hi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that I started using the leg bag the other day and it is wonderful.  It makes such a difference not to have the plastic against my skin.  With it I hardly notice I’m wearing the bag.  In the future when I figure out what I’ll need I will be ordering more. Thanks for your product and your help and making the adjustments easier to make.

Gail,  McCordsville, IN