Custom Made Adapted Women’s Blouses, Skirts, Pants and Dresses

Karen June Designs is Cover Up Shop’s brand for women’s clothing.  These designs have helped many women with limited dexterity or impaired mobility return to independent dressing.  The buttons are sewn over the hidden, easy to use, Velcro® closures so that your clothing looks like normal buttoned or zipped clothing.

For Karen June Designs, you can choose any of the fabrics on our “Fabric Selection” page.  And please remember, if you don’t see a favorite color or a pattern you like, contact me and I will do my best to find something you will love!

You design your own custom clothing pieces from our order menu.  Pick your Fabric, Sleeve Length, Collar Style, Hemline and “voila, you are a designer”!  And you won’t see yourself coming and going in the same outfit.

Please remember to close all Velcro® openings before washing.

Velcro® and other brands of  Hook and Loop are used on our clothing and products

Custom Made Adapted Clothing